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Sport Nutrition for High School Athletes

Get a Nutrition Plan to Get Faster and Stronger!

Nutrition Courses & Services

Get your nutrition advice from an expert instead of TikTok. If athletes are showing up to practice under fueled or improperly fueled, they are not progressing or performing to their potential. Teens learn best when learning at their own pace, with time to practice new habits and set their own goals. Cristina Sutter empowers youth with simple sport nutrition tools to fuel their training and to thrive in sport.

Sport Nutrition Courses for Teen Athletes

Learn about the key sport nutrition strategies to get stronger and faster.

Sport Nutrition Courses for Parents of Young Athletes

Optimize meals and snacks to fuel your young athlete from training to tournaments.

Sport Nutrition Courses for Coaches and Team Managers

Build your team travel nutrition plan when booking restaurants, caterers and cooking team meals in hotel kitchenettes.

Individual Consultations

Work with expert sport dietitian Cristina Sutter one on one to get your own customized plan.
*for residents of BC only

Team Presentations

Team presentations are tailored to your team’s sport, training schedule and competition schedule, with practical food recommendations for each venue. Book a presentation today.

Sport Team Menu Planning

Planning fuel for before and after each practice and game is critical to athletic performance. Request a custom team menu plan to increase your team’s performance.

Group nutrition coaching for athletes

Male Teen Athletes

Customized weekly topics, including Breakfast & Bedtime snacks, Training and Recovery snacks, Protein and Creatine, Sport Drinks and more.

Next: July 2024

Teen Female Athletes

Program for female teen athletes to learn nutrition strategies to elevate their game.

Next: Fall 2024

Tween Athletes

Tailored for the boundless energy and curiosity of tween athletes, this 8-week program is a perfect blend of fun, learning, and athletic development.

Next: Fall/Winter 2024

Perimenopausal Athletes

A comprehensive live course on how to leverage your nutrition and fitness to kick butt!

Next: September 2024

Rated BC’s #1 Sport Dietitian

Cristina has 20 years of experience working as a sport dietitian in Vancouver and she keeps it real. Her clients include the Vancouver Canucks, Canadian Olympic athletes, provincial teams, WHL and AAA junior hockey players in BC. Her courses are focused on everyday foods and practical suggestions, so you don’t have to spend hours cooking or eat kale!

Christina Sutter Signature

Christina is incredible! Her advice was a huge game changer for me. I came to her for advice on how to support my sports/activities with proper diet/nutrition. She advised me on how to fuel and hydrate properly for my longer sport days. As soon as I took her advice I started having my best days and highest PRs.

Laura CelesteVancouver, BC

Cristina was amazing to work with. I'm a runner who is vegan and she addressed all my concerns about my eating habits and the best solutions to support my running and my vegan diet ensuring I'm meeting my protein requirements. I highly recommend her.

Sarah ParkerVancouver, BC

Cristina is very knowledgeable, professional and caring in her work. She works with all kinds of diets and has realistic goals for you and your plan. I am a plant based/vegetarian individual and all of her advice and planning have been very helpful and thorough. She takes time to figure out the best route for you and I really appreciate that.

Sarah MiaVancouver, BC

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