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Group nutrition coaching for athletes.

Empowering Athletes at Every Stage
– From Energetic Tweens to Dynamic Perimenopausal Competitors

Join our community to fuel your training, amplify your performance, and achieve your athletic goals.

8-Week Muscle Building Program for Teen Male Athletes

  • SOLD OUT: January 2024 Cohort
  • SOLD OUT: April 2024 Cohort
  • WAITLIST OPEN: July 2024 Cohort

  • October 2024 Cohort
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8 Week Program for Teen Female Athletes

  • WAITLIST OPEN: Fall 2024 Cohort
  • Winter 2024 Cohort
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8 Weeks to Sports Nutrition Mastery for Tween Athletes

  • WAITLIST OPEN: Fall/Winter 2024 Cohort
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4-Week Program for Perimenopausal Athletes

  • WAITLIST OPEN: September 2024 Cohort
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