Sport Nutrition group program for tough girls

Level Up Your Game

This program offers young athletes (13-17 year olds) the chance to learn about nutrition’s impact on performance, recovery, and overall health. Sessions are held on Sunday evenings to complement the athlete’s school and athletic schedule.

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About the Group Program

Weekly Group Calls for Personal Growth

Dive into our weekly group calls, featuring insightful lessons, engaging discussions, and a live Q&A session with a sports dietitian. This is your chance to connect, learn, and ask the questions that matter to you and your athletic journey.


Your Personalized Student Dashboard

Stay on track with your goals through our student dashboard, designed just for you. Log your meals in the food journal and respond to homework prompts to keep yourself accountable. It’s your personal space to monitor progress and stay focused every week.


Tailored Resources for Your Success

Gain exclusive access to additional and custom resources, continually updated based on your questions and the discussions from our calls or forum. From in-depth guides to quick tips, everything is tailored to support your growth and address your specific needs.


Meet Cristina: Your Sport Dietitian

I have 20 years of experience working as a sport dietitian in Vancouver and I keep it real. My clients include the Vancouver Canucks, Canadian Olympic athletes, provincial teams, WHL and AAA junior hockey players in BC. My courses are focused on everyday foods and practical suggestions, so athletes don’t have to spend hours cooking or eat kale!

What topics are covered each week?

The program is designed and led by experienced sports dietitians. Preview of each week:

Week 1: Get your 1:1 visit

Week 2: Basics (Rule of 3s) and Breakfasts (Sleep)

Week 3: Recovery Snacks and Smoothies

Week 4: Protein Lunches & Training Snacks

Week 5: Iron, Supplements & Sport Drinks

Week 6: Games, Tournaments, Races

Who Should Join?

This course is designed for 13-17 year old female athletes.

Don’t fit this criteria? Check out our other nutrition groups to see if it’s a better fit for you!

How will this course benefit athletes?

Athletes will gain expert insights into muscle building, receive customized meal planning advice, and improve overall athletic performance.

What if athletes have unique needs?

Each athlete will fill out a detailed intake form that covers medication, sport, training schedule, dietary restrictions, weight history and personal goals.

The course is flexible and will cater to individual requirements!

Do athletes need parent support to do this course?

Parents can help by reminding their athletes to join the live group each week and post their homework and questions.

Parents can ask athletes what food goals they are working on each week and stock up on groceries!

Program designed for athletes and led by sports dietitians

Upcoming Cohort Starts Fall 2024

This cohort is facilitated by Cristina Sutter, MHSc., RD.

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For female athletes and those under the age requirement of this program, join our waitlist for tailored future programs!

Outpower the competition, get faster and stronger. Don’t let poor nutrition stand in your way.

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empower. inspire. results. 

empower. inspire. results. 

empower. inspire. results. 

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